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Miêu Thúy Hoa – Lady Flower Fist
Xem phim

Xem phim Miêu Thúy Hoa – Lady Flower Fist

Lady Flower Fist

Diễn viên: Betsy CheungEsther KwanKara huiKwong Wa

Thể loại: Phim Võ Thuật

Nội dung phim

This is the fictional historical drama about the “account life” of Miu Chui Fa, the mother of legendary martial artist Fong Sai-Yuk. Miu Chui Fa always loved to have fun with little self restraint and consideration with her righteousness. It was because her righteous actions she injured an imperial officer’s son and was about to face his fury when Fong Tuk (an influential family liked by the emperor) used his status to “marry” Miu Chui Fa to deter them. It’s the comedic story of the developing relationship between Fong Tuk and Miu Chui Fa dealing with relationships, family, activism, and each other amongst legendary martial artists and political turmoil of their time.

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